(a) Gospel-Centered:

Our work is motivated by the historic message that Jesus Christ, through his life, death, and resurrection, has come to save his people and renew all things.  All of our activities celebrate and express the unique power of his grace to transform our lives and our communities.

(b) Church-Collaboration:

We are committed to collaboration with the Gospel-centered churches of our neighborhoods.  Therefore we cultivate leadership, programs and partnerships generated from these churches, and work to build their capacity to engage in community renewal.

(c) Peace-Making:

We promote peace or shalom by working to bring healing and harmony among individuals, neighborhoods and institutions for the good of all of our residents.  We also stand against the forces of oppression, greed and hate that fracture our community.

(d) Neighborhood-Focused:

We are committed to improving the well-being Washington Heights and Inwood.  We seek to develop relationships and familiarity with the diverse cultures and particular needs  within this community.

(e) Asset-Based:

 We develop initiatives in collaboration with local citizens, organizations and institutions, embracing their gifts, resources and experience (assets).

(f) Immigrant-Adovcacy:

Throughout all of our initiatives we will advocate for justice that will create opportunity for our immigrant neighbors.