Youth Development


We will provide resources for youth and young adult development through programs such as life skills mentoring, academic improvement, job readiness and career planning. In 2014 we started Pathways, a mentoring program in partnership with Inwood Academy for Leadership. Learn more about Pathways below:


The mission of the Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways Mentoring Program (“WH/I Pathways”) is to recruit and equip community leaders to mentor youth in Washington Heights and Inwood to achieve greater possibilities for a safer, healthier, and thriving neighborhood.


Here is video from one of our mentor/mentee pairs sharing their experience from 2017-2018.

The executive director of Inwood Academy of Leadership speaking to students and parents about the value of mentoring through Pathways.

A Recent Pathways Story:

One of the goals of our Pathways Mentorship Program at Inwood Academy For Leadership is for our mentors to invest their time in a relationship, to build up the character, hope, and skills of youth. Brenda and Saeli have been walking together for the past 1½ years, which has included Saeli’s transition from Middle School to High School. Brenda comments on her experience:

“I actually thought I was too old to be a mentor for a teenager, but with the encouragement of several friends I took the plunge.  We have had a great time getting to know one another. Saeli and I have met once a week in the morning program before school. But in addition to that, we have seen some great movies, gone to cooking classes, Planet Fitness and have done community service together. We have shared things we respect and like about each other. Last year I gave Saeli one of my favorite books for her birthday - named Where the Sidewalk Ends - a book of cartoons and funny poems by Shel Silverstein-- because I knew she liked to draw. I was pleasantly surprised when about a year later, she told me that she had loaned the book to one of her teachers at school and that she told the teacher to share it with other students in her classes! This year we are setting goals, and one of my goals is to learn Spanish... so she is helping me with that. She wants to work on her anger, and I told her I could definitely help with that since I have had to work on my anger too.”